Knowledge is power!

My whole life I found myself sensitive to the well-being of all animals. I have attempted to be vegetarian as a young girl, but was difficult to do with little control of the food around me. One scaring experience flipping through the television to see dirty jobs at a pig slaughter-house was enough for me to stop eating pork! And I fought for that at family dinners. I am proud to say that  I have not eaten pork for more than 10 years. Now in my mid-20s I am realizing the true extent of economic consumerism and what the demand has done to these poor innocent animals. I am extending my refusal to eat pork, duck and lamb to not eating any of these innocent creatures. This is not a choice made in the light of liberalism, any activist motivation or in any other effort. This is an effort to preserve my happiness in my ow decision. I do not push this on others, as my boyfriend has opted to support me through this life change. I simply ask that viewers consider a new perspective and acknowledge the reality of today. Here are some great films to expand your knowledge on health effects and what we eat. These films have finally encouraged me to pursue what I’ve always wanted – to support all animals.

Netflix – Sustainable, Food Choices and Forks over Knives

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